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Greetings Blogosphere,

Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to stumble across my blog.

I’ve decided to launch this blog for a few reasons:

  • The path that an aspiring home-based intraday trader must walk toward success can be a very tough and lonely path, indeed.  In my experience, chat rooms just don’t cut it once you realize what you really have to do to become part of the successful very small minority.  I’m hoping to find other like-minded traders whom I can help and who can help me.
  • I hope to use this blog as a place to help keep me focused on the things that I need to be doing right now to achieve what I really want and need, and differentiating those things with all of the other thoughts and things that come and go through my mind everyday, trying to trick me into thinking that I want other things.
  • I hope to have the courage to share my many challenges and setbacks along the way — most notably when I fail to keep to my own rules, which I do truly believe is the only possible thing that can stop me from achieving the success I seek.  No promises on this one.  I do promise never to lie to you, but I’m only human too, and I don’t promise to share every one of my deepest, darkest failures… especially if I’m at a point where they’re overwhelming my successes.
  • I look forward to sharing lots of thoughts about how the market is just an allegory for life and the human experience, as well as my excitement about how what we should all be trying to do as traders is to use the opportunity to design the life we really want to live.

As an aspiring trader for many years, I believe the beginning of the process that will finally push me over the hump to consistent profitability and success was the idea of identifying “my why,” and using that to drive my behavior and remind me throughout the day what I do and don’t want out of life.  Having taken the significant step and risk in quitting my job and attempting to support myself and family solely by intraday trading the futures markets — before achieving any consistent or demonstratable success — I had damn well better be striving to create a better life than my old, safer(?) one, and not just a different set of roadblocks and illusions that perform the same function of keeping me from experiencing more of what life has to offer.

Corbett Barr wrote a nice article that succinctly summarizes what Lifestyle Design is all about, for anyone new to the idea.  Let’s face it:  if this isn’t why we’re doing this, then what the heck are we doing it for?  There are about a billion easier ways to make a living in this world.

Very excited to get the blog rolling in time.   Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to catch me on Twitter at @TraderBiegs.


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May 2, 2011 at 5:56 pm

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